Forza Flaneur

I have been peripherally helping and mentoring the team who make the excellent Flaneur magazine, which encapsulates the experience of one street in each issue. They began their project in Berlin, on Kanstrasse, then went to Leipzig, Montreal and Rome, and are now working in Athens on their fifth issue. I like the magazine not only because of the energy they put into each issue, but also because it's so lateral and strange and unlikely in terms of the final object, yet firmly methodological in its making. The team go and live and hang out and flaneur along each street to make the issue, and what they finally present could only be made through close proximity, by actually being there. The opposite of remote Google-able content creating.
Some shots of their Rome issue below. 

I asked the Flaneurs if they would write me a testominial, and they did.It says: “as an independent magazine that had just launched, it was invaluable to the team, not just from the editorial and publishing side but also just from the basic human perspective, to receive Kevin Braddock's guidance. He supported the team through his very unique skills as a mediator and moderator during a very crucial turning point for the young magazine. Kevin Braddock's experience in both non-commercial and commercial endeavours also proved invaluable. The team feels extremely lucky to have someone so dynamic and expressive by our side.”