What blokes talk about when Raymond Beadon cuts their hair

Guys open up at the barber’s! They just come out with stuff and sometimes I’m like, do men really think like that? It's strange how someone will tell me stuff, but that’s the sort of guy I am. I want clients to be comfortable and know they’re gonna get a good haircut. We can have a joke. It's good to come into a relaxed environment, have a chat and a coffee or some whisky or whatever.
It’s like confession for a lot of men. I’m quite close to a lot of my clients and they talk about what they're up to: mainly it's about women. If their girlfiends heard what I hear, they’d be devastated. One guy told me he had to move house because he was sleeping with his next door neighbour. Another is obsessed with going to hotels with women. He’s with this one girl and while she’s in the toilet, another comes up and gives him her number saying, “just in case”. Everyone seems to be living some sort of playboy lifestyle behind closed doors.
Like the other day a client come in and started talking about The Language of Love – some people need affirmation, some people need gifts, stuff like that. I think he fancied himself as a man who understands women, but it was quite true what he way saying. The girl I’m seeing needs affirmation and gifts. Lots of girl needs that.
Guys like to hear my stories and want to see a picture of my girlfiend. One guy was looking at my Facebook page, and you know those little pictures people have when they write something on your Wall? He said, “she’s nice, who’s that?”. It was my mum.
Business is good at the moment, for me it's back to back. People are talking about the credit crunch. A while ago people were saying it's fine, work’s coming in. Then they come in again and it's deteriorating, you can gradually see it coming down.
You make a lot of friends too. I cut Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s hair, but I’ve done famous people without realising it, like one of the Arctic Monkeys. Actually, he owes me a pound. He bought some toothpaste and said he’d drop the pound in tomorrow, and never came back!
Men are realising you can’t get a good five pound haircut. Plus people are starting to realise most products are just chemical, over the top, silver-packaging stuff. They're becoming more aware of what they use on their skin and hair it's becoming more natural with products like Santa Maria Novella. Organic hairdressing, that’s how I see it.
All the best hairdressers from Essex, I don’t know why.” As told to Kevin Braddock
Raymond works at Murdock, 340 Old Street, London. 020 7729 2299. www.murdocklondon.com