Manzine No.2

The new edition of Manzine is published, featuring:
• Gravy Boats
• Surfing In Santa Monica with Lost Prophets
• Forty+ Feelings
• Sex Cooking
• Wearing Shorts
• Poems on Love & Violence
• The Genealogy of a Grudge
• Hanging Out In The Garage
• Dorset Knob
• A Psychogeographic Shopping trip to Westfield
• How to Skin A Rabbit
+ much more
Stories by:
Peter Lyle (Arena, Carlos, Tank)
Mark Hooper (The Face, Arena, Electric)
Richard Benson (The Farm, The Face)
Simon Mills (GQ, The Guardian)
Alex Bilmes (GQ)
Simmy Richman (The independent, The Beastie Boys)
David Baker (Arena, Wired)
Andre McLeod (Live Magazine, Maxim)
Kevin Braddock - And many More
PLUS: photography, art, and poetry by James Dimmock, Stuart Griffiths, Peter Stitson, James Joyce, Jack Boulter, Sam Blunden, JacksonIndustries and many more.