Man-Zion Version on The Ginger Cake Excursion

Manzine reader Jo Phillips last week went to the trouble of making a Spotify playlist to accompany Sam Blunden's "Thinking Man's Crumpet" feature for Manzine Issue III. It's here. Thanks Jo, that was Irie of you. Meanwhile, Nick Jakins also wrote in to tell us about his own experience with "Reggae Hour" shared with colleagues. Nick writes:
"Dear Manzine,
After reading Sam Blunden's '"Reggae Hour" article in Manzine 3 my colleagues and I were inspired to try the intoxicating blend of ginger cake, earl grey tea and reggae for ourselves. With almost military-like precision and timing we downed tools at 4pm on a Friday and congregated around a home-made Jamaican ginger cake, some freshly brewed Earl Grey and handed out the required listening (playlist attached). What followed is a little hazy, but suffice to say that the heady mix of flavours and grooves saw us achieving f*** all for the remainder of the day - but coming out the other end feeling somehow cleansed of the week's stresses - a number of colleagues reported feeling 'extremely relaxed' and 'increasingly hungry' as they munched through portions of the cake. I'd like to congratulate Mr Blunden on the example he's set to all those working in a modern media environment.
Yours sincerely, Nick"

Nick also made a playlist for his Reggae Hour "version".

And here's evidence of the Reggae Hour:

Have you ever made a playlist to accompany an occasional moment combining baked goods and beverages? We could be delighted to hear if so. In the next issue of Manzine, Paul Sullivan will be writing about minimal techno and kirschstrudel kuchen, and possibly even Jägermeister too. Watch this space.