"Man Tea" vs Rewe's 5,0 Beer

Manzine has for a while been intrigued by Yogi Tea's ayurvedic herbal infusion product line "Man Tea" (pictured). Interesting to note that brands and products rarely (these days) address male consumers directly as men. Thoughts? Email us.
It seems to work - Manzine took the initiative, on a rare visit to a Berlin organic supermarket today, to buy a packet of the tea with a view to sampling it. Nevertheless, tonight's choice of drink is the equally manful "5,0 Original" – an own-brand pilsner beer from the reputed German supermarket Rewe which, with its tastefully restrained art direction/graphic design and super low-cost price point (just 38 cents per can), could hardly be more of a wise choice for today's get-ahead Man About Town.
Here's is hoping the Man Tea fulfils its promise of aiding in what will be, no doubt, a man-sized hangover.
Manzine will report in full tomorrow on this interesting taste sensation/experience.