Notes & Intrigues, May 2010

• Update On Man Tea sampling: Yogi Tea’s intriguing concoction, “Man Tea” (see post below) was finally sampled, and Manzine noticed a subtle uplift in mood occasioned by the steaming infusion of ginger, carob, chicory, ginseng, aniseed, cardamom, peppermint and other herbs. Verdict? More exciting the chamomile, but not as good as the Himalaya product range which is, surely, what Hilary & Tenzing would have drunk.
• Is this the softest headline ever?
• Manzine is continually intrigued by about prospect of brand extensions – but it would appear a rival magazine have beaten us to it again, first with swimming trunks and now with these attractive boxers. Perfect for wafting around one’s summer house in Zürich on warm Saturday brunchtimes, Manzine imagines…

• Manzine is attending the annual St Bride’s Library Conference on May 27 &  28. Come along. There will be a secret summit in a nearby pub on late Friday, with the express intention of drinking beer against the prospect of turning into a Neo-Con.
  Field Notes – as stocked on the Folk Shop on Lambs Conduit Street - are a cultish alternative to the expensive and increasingly ubiquitous Moleskines. Still, Manzine suspects that the expanses of empty page can be intimidating to would-be note takers when, say, nursing a machiatto and reaching for poetic insight upon the Trastavere fountain, or perhaps attempting to pen some Iain Sinclair-style notes on the Hackney Marshes. See Manzine Issue IV, publishing in Autumn, for our feature, “Ideas On What To Write In Your Moleskine If You’re Stuck For inspiration.” Manzine’s own bulging, dog-eared Moleskine is pictured.
 • The SOTO menswear store on Torstrasse, Berlin, recently produced this intriguing sticker (American readers: we mean “decals”.) In its own subtle way it expresses so much about the state of the world today, no?
• FAQNP A Queer Nerd Publication is an enjoyably oblique DIY pamphlet by Ray Cha. Where else would you get to read “An Ode To Antimorphs”? (Thanks Ray.)
• Look out for Issue IV of The Ride Journal, whose editor Philip Diprose is a contributor to our organ.
• Manzine began a series of walks through Berlin with the artist and cartographer Stephen Walter last week. Pictured is sunset over the Landwehr Kanal in Kruezberg. The walk ended at the Soviet War memorial in Treptower Park, which appeared to be a popular location for skateboarders and jump-bikers. Is it acceptable to practice urban/extreme sports at war memorials? Answers on the back of a set of Sims Pure Juice wheels...