Several Notes & Intrigues without any great meaning attached to them, June 2010.

• DIY Design: Manzine was at the annual St Brides Library Conference in London last week, takling on DIY design to a group of type nuts, students and assorted deisgn-ophiles. Rob Banham’s talk on Trash Type (see here) stole the show. Meanwhile, we made this St Brides St.Ampler. The St.Ampler was distributed among the crowd and though it wasn’t intentional, its exciting mint green pastel cover stock made a pleasant complement to the copies of Pink Mince that were also scattered around the hall. More about the intriguing Pink Mince here
• #FurtiveFeelings No. 4: Listening to “Fixing A Hole” by The Beatles while doing manual work (repairing, cleaning, tidying, fixing, baking) and drinking tea, ideally on a grey day.
• A Related matter: Why is Ringo Starr riding an exercise bike in this video for “I Feel Fine” – an early exponent of spinning and fixed-gear riding?
• Walking: Manzine walked to Teufelsberg in Berlin on a recent blazing Thursday day. This former Allied listening station on top the artificial hill built from rubble (the name means “devil’s mountain”) is falling into ruin, and it is said that David Lynch once tried to buy the complex. As fascinating to look inside the huge golf balls and speculate on what the Allies heard as it is to scan the Berlin horizon, and then wonder what people are talking about today. The weather, probably.
• In conversation with Geoff Dyer: the author is rumoured to be writing his next book about tennis, while a new anthology of his essays are due to be published later this year. His last, “Anglo-English Attitudes” is well worth tracking down, as is “The Missing Of The Somme”, which was the subject of the conversation. Above is a picture Chris Floyd took of the Royal Artillery Monument at Hyde Park Corner for Manzine No.1:
• Type News: Sam Blunden designed a book of poetry for Rick Holland. The font on the cover was hand lettered by Sam’s old man.
• War Story: Manzine contributor Stuart Griffiths is the subject of a documentary, “Isolation”, bing shown through July at Dates: July 14 Greenwich, 15 Screen On the Green, 17, Fact Liverpool, 18 Tyneside Newcastle, JULY 19th Hyde Park Leeds, 20th York, 21st Cambrige, 22th Oxford, 27th Ritzy Brixton, August 1 Brighton.
• Big In Russia: Manzine contributor Chris Floyd was in Russia presenting a new public exhibition of his work. (see here for TV footage). 
• The illustrator James Joyce has produced a pleasant iPad/iPhone app. Here it is.
• News un-flash: Manzine No.IV is in progress. Watch this space.
• Things That Sound Strangely Similar to Manzine, No.1: The Liberated Press.

The Liberated Press

Manzine No.1, 2008

Assorted Rants & Raves, June 2010


• These Chuck Norris "Action Jeans" (unearthed by Woz)
• Running after midnight, or before dawn
• Paulaner Salvator beer
• Playing the first game of chess you’ve played in years, and remembering what how great it is.
• Red skies in the evening.
• Red or green car shoes with white slacks
• Reading a book so enjoyable that you immediately start reading it again after finishing the last page.
• Sailor Jerry Rum
• Dogs waiting for their owners outside shops


• Zoo magazine’s 3D issue. Even when they’re plain old two-dimensional, lad mags manage to be one-dimensional.
• People who agonise about whether or not to buy an iPad. Don't bother. You know you’ll do it in the end.
• Those who refer to women as “females”. Okay, so Manzine is a fan of John Gray’s “Straw Dogs”, but come on, we’re not in a zoo here…
• Red skies in the morning 
• Footballers in swimming trunks
• Falling for a "buy one, get one half price" bargains before realising it isn't much of a bargain after all.
• Realising that the World Cup would be better if the WAGs actually were there.
• People who announce that they are "offski".