Manzine was intrigued, upon visting Nollendorferplatz in Berlin today, to see a veritable festival of high-visibility clothing manifest in the streets of this rather salubrious district of the German capital. There appeared to have been some sort of street festival - possibly connected to the World cup, though the volumes of gay men loitering around suggest an altogether different kind of celebration - and the numbers of orange-clad workers diligently toiled away at clearing up broken champange bottles, party detritus, fag butts and other forms of trash made Manzine wonder about the feasibility of "VizFest": a celebration for and of the ordinary working man in his highly-visible magnificence. The pictures below tell their own tale - interesting to see how some workers chose hi-viz shorts, replete with reflective strips, which are great for being visible in poor lighting during hot weather, for their duties, and also the striking resemblance between the livery of a passing Holland fan to the hi-viz uniform on show.
(NB: if you are wondering about Manzine's preoccupation with high-visibility clothing, see Manzine issue 1, reposted here)

William Of Orange, etc.
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