Rants & Raves, July-August 2010

• White plastic Swatch watches worn against tanned skin
• Watching and then re-watching the Jonathan Meades DVD Collection
• Menswear that is meteorological
• Swifts and swallows in evening skies.
• The new paper stock and page size of Rapha’s Rouleur magazine.
• The Middle Class Handbook
• The first instance of wearing something woolly after the summer months. #ViveL’Automne
• Things that are “bodged”
• Navy blue chinos with brown buttons
• BerlinHausHoch magazine
• Walton Ford’s Bestiarium
• James Cauty’s Design Solutions web site:
• Wearing a pocket square in your blazer with absolutely no regard for the correct way of doing so, while simultaneously ignoring all those pocket-square how-to diagrams in men’s fashion magazines
• How-to diagrams in style magazines in general
• “Apocalypse Now”, which on reflection has more explosions but isn’t quite as good as “Heart Of Darkness”
• Sound-blocking earplugs (eg foam, wax) that don’t block sound as well as they might.
• The Feeling of Confusion over whether to like Andy Schleck for being a good sportsman and decent man, or whether to lament him for not having the killer instinct required to beat Alberto Contador in the Tour De France. #Furtive
• People who say, “yeah I do a bit of DJing on the side too…”
• Pro-Croatstination: the knowledge that you really ought to go to Croatia on holiday now that evertone else is, but can't quite get round booking it
• Using the word “très” instead of very, so as to impart an air cosmopolitan  urbanity
• Attempting but failing to grow household fresh herbs (dill, rocket  etc) in plastic pots on the windowsill. #Despair
• Arm wrestling with your boss when drunk
• Magazine articles heralding the arrival of “A New Breed of” something that has usually been in existence for quite a long time already.