• Magculture's Jeremy Leslie edits a selection of independent magazines for the SND event in Denver last week. Manzine ("a more realistic reflection of men than any other magazine in the market," he writes) sits alongside other absolutely havin' it print titles inclulding Twin, 032c The Ride, It's Nice That and Gym Class. See it here, and someone buy the guy a drink...
• Opening Thursday, GmbH, a new magazine store in Glasgow.
UPDATE: Manzine is featured by i-D magazine in their Top Ten Blogs to follow, aloneg with Magculture and It's Nice That.
• Manzine also features in Gestalten's new editorial design coffeetable book/doorstop, "Turning Pages". Get it from Do You Read Me?! in Berlin and elsewhere. This is a picture of its cover :
That is all.