Manzine Issue III is published next week - watch this space for further details. Last issue finished off with Simon Mills ruminating on Dorset knob, while next issue he writes about dogs. By some coincidence, Maj-lis Anderson sent us this photograph of a dog with a Dorset Knob tin.
In other news, Rapha Condor Sharp pro cyclist (and Manzine contributor) Tom Southam, sent us this photo inspired by Peter Stitson's Frankie Howerd illustration.
Tom writes,
Hey man,
Hope you dont mind but I regularly like to sloganeer on the side of my racing helmet. Saw this on the Manzine website and thought it was perfect for this seasons daubings. Last years helmet had a few, last of which was 'I'm through with white women' stolen from the Dirtbombs.
Cool, cheers

Cheers Tom and Maj-lis,