Available Now: Manzine No.5 - In Praise Of Fit Birds

The Red Kite: Britain's Got Talons
Manzine Cinquième Edition Featuring Male Phenomena. 
• Simon Mills’ considers Friendship in a Man’s Life
• The Consequences of Vengeance: Photos and words about V2 launch and landing sites from Chris Floyd
• Thinking Man’s Crumpet: The Crêpe. By Mark Hooper
• Stalking The Surrey Bushranger. By Alex Rayner
• In Praise Of The Sit-Down Wee. By Andy Diprose
• On The Limits Of Self-Deprecation. By Peter Lyle
• The Manifesto Of Pavement Walking. By JB Redman

PLUS Interests & Pursuits • Thrills & Perils • Working & Going Out: Hip-Hop Home Help from Sir Fix-A-Lot • Making Friends Through Sock Purchases • Sci-Fi vs Vegetables • Peter Pan • Berlin’s Bamboo Bikes • Jugs • Spookiness • The Pleasures of Cable Ties • The Pavlova • Cheerful Landline Tunes • Tattoos • Money Magazines • Haute Couture House music • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders • A Dog • A Magnificent Map by Stephen Walter

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AVAILABLE NOW or in the next few days from the following shops:
• The wonderful menswear Store Oi Polloi, Manchester.
• In the "Man Corner" at Binki Taylor's delightful Circus in Brixton Village.
• The intriguing 3939 Shop on Old Street, London, which sells all sorts of stuff.
• Catapult Records in Cardiff, which also sells tunes.
• The world's best magazine shop? Do You Read Me?! on Augustrasse, Berlin...?!
• Paul Snowden's Wasted German Youth gaff in Berlin, which also sells beer.
• The glamourous Papercut mag store in sunny Stockholm.
• Mohawk General Store in Los Angeles, more about which later.
• Art In The Age in Philadelphia, about which Readers of Walter Benjamin will be familiar.
• Jeremy Leslie's Magculture.com has already SOLD OUT, but remains the best magazine blog in the biz.
BUY ONLINE: orders to the UK just £4 inc P&P/Europe £5 inc P&P/USA & Rest Of World (£6 inc P&P). Please use the Paypal button at the top of the page. 
NOTE: Manzine No.4 - The Family Of Man, now only £3quid +P&P UK/ Europe £4 inc P&P/USA & Rest Of World £5 inc P&P. A separate Paypal button is also on the right, but lower down.
• Issues are still available from GmbH in Glasgow and Magazero.net
• Issues 1, 2 and 3 are now completely sold out.
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BELOW: the Manzine distribution service en route to 
Manchester, several days ago.