Manzine at Colophon 2009

Apparently Jeremy Leslie,'s grand vizier of all things print, referenced Manzine in a speech he gave at Colophon 2009 entitled The End Of Print As We Know It, with heavy, underlined emphasis on that final clause. Flick though the images from his speech on the film below (there's no sound, so you'll have to draw your own conclusions about what he said. ) - nice to see that Manzine featured as the very last few slides, after some images of the late Arena RIP.*
I don't know what Jeremy said in his speech - though I heard through one attendee that he was complimentary about us - so I can only guess that this either means:

- Print mags are dead and Manzine was the final nail in the coffin
- Manzine is the future of print mags, the natural successor to Arena, the thinking man's grot mag.
- Something else entirely

I don't know. Mr Leslie, care to enlighten us? (and of course thank you for the mentions).

* By the way, Manzine featured in Mark Hooper's feature on "amtrepreneurs" in the very final edition of Arena. There may or may not be a poetic irony in this strange concidence.

Yours, amtrepreneurially,

Kevin Braddock