Manzine No.IV: Available Now

ON THE COVER: The Feeling Of Wohlgefühl; photography by James Dimmock.

MANZINE ISSUE IV: Featuring Male Phenomena:

• Simon Mills’ Confessions Of A Second-Hand Shop Pseud
• Magnificent Map Man Stephen Walter on the joy of Pencils
• Thoughts on life from Quincy Jones
Richard Benson’s Rage Against Unexpected Items The Bagging Area
• Alex Bilmes’ Notes Towards A Unified Economic Theory Of The New Politeness In Driving
Nuclear Bunkers: A Travel Special by Thomas Lovegrove
• Some Strong Emotions: Anger, Need, Sadness & Love.
GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: contributions from Kate Spicer (The Sunday Times), Lauren Cochrane (Vogue), Danielle Radojcin (, Becky Smith (Twin magazine) and more.
FREE Fiction Extract By Dick Valentine (Electric Six): “Residential Intruders in the 21st Century:  Real Demons, Aliens and Monsters That Visit Me In My Apartment”
PLUS: Interests, Pursuits & Furtive Pleasures: Glassware by Alex Rayner • Against The Cupcake by Caragh McKay • Black Pudding vs Scotch Eggs by Chris Hubbard and Peter Lyle • Apres-marathon Kebabs by Kevin Braddock (below) • Mountaineering boots and rainwear from • Wise Old Barbour Jacket • Bush • Tits • High-visibility Man •  Dada Muzik Reviews • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders • Grudge Walking.
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Alex Bilmes: new thought on Polite Driving
Reconsidering the Kebab:
Various Bits
Manzine Logistics Department:

A final message (spotted at Charing Cross):