Man Friday: Read Manzine on the iPad

Literally, if only the words "Man" and "Zine":
Thanks to @tuomasmas (Tuomas Jääskeläinen from Bonnier) for the pic and creative use of stickers. Meanwhile, Simmy Richman sent in this subversive picture from his office at The Independent:
And Simon Mills sent in this photograph of his "Hoxton Branding Concept" for Manzine:
Millsy has also invented a new cycling trend, "TOFF". He writes, "This is a fake fixie...actually a safe and responsible single speed. Obviously, when in Clerkenwell and beyond I keep my legs spinning at all times to give the impression of a fixed rear wheel to all the other Nathan Barleys. 
To be honest, I think I am a TOFF - 'Too old for fixed'. Just made that up, by the way."
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