Manzine Mutt Of the Month, September 2011

Name: Lizzi.
Type: Collie. 
Location: Do You Read Me?!’s new branch on Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin. 
Literacy: VERY HIGH

(We'll come to the mutt in a hot minute.) Decent magazine stores are few and far between, especially in Berlin, but now D

Do You Read Me?!

have opened a new branch in Potsdamer Strasse. It’s more than just a shop, however. DYRM invited a number of editors, artists and mag people to offer a reading list for their exhibition space at Art Basel Miami earlier this autumn, and were kind enough to offer MANZINE a slot. In Potsdamer Str Mark and Jessica are building a library of the various recommendations; copies of each list are hung on pegs on the wall. The reading lists will all be published online in due course, so why not call in? And for now, enjoy these pictures and the beautiful Do You Read Me?! dog, Lizzi.

Lizzi und Mark in repose

Shelves with mags ’pon dem

Reading Lists by various readers/writers

Texts selected by Joerg from 032c

Flyers etc

Man Friday, 2Nine11: A Number Of Whims Organised In Binary Opposition

• The enjoyment of donning autumnal clothing  - knits, waxes, brogues - for the first time after the long cold, wet months of the British/German summer
• Bloomberg Businessweek: the armchair anarchist’s money mag
• Pampero Rum
• Bianchi Milano Pride retro jerseys
• Korean Dawn808 hangover cure drinks
• Pin-up No. 10 in ArtWednesday’s Beach Babes poll (voting is open)
• The Escape From Alcatraz triathlon
• Friends without benefits
• Astrology
Enjoyment by James Joyce
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * 
• Astronomy
• The hassle entailed in locking your bike up
• “Passionate” people who criticise others for being “un-passionate”
• The extreme disorientation caused by a visit to the Ikea curtain department
• Debating things only to realise that the conclusion is that there is no conclusion
•  John Le Carre’s “the Honourable Schoolboy”. Read “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and want more? Don’t bother with the sequel
• Those who enquire where you are “at”