A nontechnical explanation of the previous two pages

Hi,  I do editorial work, like journalism and writing for mags and that, 
and creative strategy for brands, and coaching on language, text and media.

I’m alright at helping people with:

Writing Stuff

Editorial: basically working on mags and journalistic-type stuff, thinking of ideas and formats for things, writing stuff in the appropriate kind of tone, working out what the problem with a bit of text or a cover is, and then trying to fix it. Having an idea about the form of something and working with a team and saying like, “let’s try doing it this way”, or “what do you think?” And just writing stuff really, people often say, “can you just write the text?” or “can you make it sound cool?” Well yeah I can, particularly when the idea the text needs to express comes from visual people (designers and so on) who sometimes aren't very confident with words and writing and that.

Commercial: writing stuff for brands and advertisers as if it was editorial, but also thinking of the idea in the first place and working with graphic designers and photographers or whatever to make really decent bits of content, regardless of whether it’s in print or web. 

Thinking about stuff

Creative Strategy: like when you get a brief from a client, it could be, we want to talk about Thing X to People Y, and then thinking of smart/clever content ideas to help them do that. A bit like working in mags where you think, is this a good idea, will the readers get it or is it just totally wrong? Always involves writing, and writing as thinking in the first place, and trying to figure out what people/brands are trying to say, because they get a bit tongue-tied and lost in jargon and don’t feel like their own language (written or spoken) is good enough, so sort of going, “let’s say it like this.”

“Insight”: thinking about what’s going on in the world today, like observable reality, people’s thoughts and feelings about stuff and what they’re doing and into, and explaining it intelligently but without being brainy or thinking only in marketing terms.

Listening and helping people say stuff

Articulation Coaching & Mentoring*: I once helped this massive civil engineering firm explain in writing what they do, they can build stadiums and cities in the desert but weren’t very confident about saying it (I mean, I wouldn’t be confident building a stadium in the desert either; they’re not writers, I'm not a civil engineer). It could be called articulation coaching – why not, it's as good a phrase as any – but really it’s about listening to them and helping them find their own words.
Also mentoring people who need that sort of thing and are a bit challenged by media, text or language (text in particular, just writing it down), so they can figure out in their own words what they’re all about so they can understand it for themselves and then go and tell everyone about it.


Anastasia Muna took this photo as well

Anastasia Muna took this photo as well

I hope this doesn’t sound facetious, it’s just a different and naturalistic way of saying what was on the previous pages, showing that I can find different registers or idioms really for saying stuff.
This page took about five minutes to write, whereas I sweated over the other pages for about six months because I was anxious about getting it wrong and sounding unprofessional. It's what I mean by “Permit Full Expression“.

* In business terms today all this is called "Storytelling". So I changed the subheads on
this website accordingly. 

Hire me as:
• Writer
• Editor
• Editorial Director
• Copywriter
• Creative Strategist
• Articulation Coach
• Mentor
• Writer In Residence
• "Storyteller"

My email address is: kb[at]permitfullexpression.com