Kevin Braddock

Anastasia Muna took the photo

Anastasia Muna took the photo


I am an accomplished author, storyteller and editorial specialist with 25 years' experience as a writer-editor for GQ, The Face, Sleek, Esquire, The Guardian and other titles in the UK and Berlin. I have founded, launched and led editorial projects for clients and independently. Additionally I attach coaching & mentoring to editorial practice to assist others in telling stories in their own language.

My competencies include:

Writing & Reading

Defining point of view, voice and format, finding story and headline, storytelling, journalism, copywriting and editing, and project leadership.


I coach and mentor individuals and groups to tell their own stories their own creative idiom, and in making and using media as a tool for self-expression, confidence and life skills.


 Responding to brief with insight and creative approaches, executing media-neutral, short- or longform text, and working with creative teams on executions.



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