Story, Format and Voice in editorial executions

Torchlight System: Storytelling For Recovery

A publishing startup offering narratives and tools to assist recovery from depression and anxiety
I wrote and published Torchlight: A Publication About Asking for Help in 2017 with Enver Hadzijaj, along with the accompanying Practice Cards. In 2019 we published Volume 2 of the Practice Cards, a companion guide entitled “Every Day”, and “Everything Begins With Asking For Help”, a paperback adaptation through Kyle Books/Octopus.
Estimated reach to date: 2,000,000; national and international Press coverage; 50+ presentations in schools, businesses and community groups. Over 2,500 units sold.


Sleek Magazine

Creative leadership and organisational change

I was recruited to reformat and relaunch the respected 10-year-old fashion and art quarterly in Berlin, responding to a publishing brief to make the title more commercial, international and relevant. Managing organisational change alongside creative leadership with an international, multilingual team. Verifiable increase in revenue, awareness, and quality. 

With Studio Anti and Bureau Mario Lombardo. From 2011–2014, as Editor In Chief.


A fanzine for men, by men, about man stuff

Reimagining the men’s magazine for the post-aspiration, post-lad mag era. Five issues in A4 print over three years. With Warren Jackson and Peter Lyle, from 2008 in London and Berlin.

Read more about Manzine here, here and here.
Manzine was featured in the Cooper-Hewitt's “Graphic Design: Now In Production“ exhibition and in MagCulture/Jeremy Leslie’s “The Modern Magazine“ project.


Winter/A Mag For All Seasons

The feelings of a season, in print

 A Mag For All Seasons is an independent, biannual print magazine project documenting artistic responses to the emotional extremes of each season. The first edition, Winter, was published 2014 in Berlin. As co-editor, with Kati Krause and Ana Lessing.

Esquire UK/Selected Trend and Reportage

Mankles: on the trend for men to show and decorate their ankles. The term was subsequently adopted by the Collins English Dictionary. 2012 (link)

Engraver’s Gothic: how the typeface became the Superfont of the contemporary era. 2014 (link).

The Rise of the New Male Shopper: how and why men do shopping now. 2015 (link)

The Vulnerability Industry – on the boom in male mental health (link)

The Face

Youth Culture 1999-2002

Editorial cover stories for the defining fashion, music and lifestyle magazine of its era, where I was Features Editor between 2000 and 2002

Further Selected Commissions

How Facebook Saved One Man’s Life – Mail On Sunday, 2019
The Vulnerability Industry –  Esquire 2018
Man down: why do men suffer depression in silence? –  Guardian/Observer 2017
Big Empathy – Made by Many/Medium
How Twitter Made Handwriting Cool – Daily Telegraph 2010
The Power Of The Hoodie – The Guardian 2012
From Lad To 4D Man – The Guardian 2011
Berlin Street Style – The Guardian 2011
Achieve The Impossible: 10 Challenges – Mr Porter Post 2013
Meeting Watch Brand Uniform Wares  – Mr Porter Post 2013
UK Garage – The Face 2000 (republished 2018)